Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method

by Earth

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Alejandro Omidsalar
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Alejandro Omidsalar This is the perfect sonic accompaniment to reading Cormac McCarthy's "Blood Meridian." Favorite track: An Inquest Concerning Teeth.
Andrew Pearson
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Andrew Pearson The space between notes is the important part, as it always was with Earth's most honest pieces ("Sonar & Depth Charge," "Charioteer") -- instead of a suffocating drone, they now utilize silence for maximum beauty and clarity. "Tethered to the Polestar," in all its tearjerking, confessional majesty, stands out best, but beautiful riffs like "Wolves" and "Inquest " remind us of Earth's rock roots. It's strange and spare, in a way that its sequels are not, and that is why it's so evocative. Favorite track: Tethered To The Polestar.
Joe Sanderson
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Joe Sanderson Enormous soundscapes of the unexplored frontier, lines of huddled horsemen against bleak deserts, and freezing night skies scattered with a million uncaring stars. The silence is as important as the sound on this album. Listen to it end to end alongside reading Blood Meridian, the novel that inspired it, for a truly unsettling and transcendent journey through the darkest reaches of the human condition. Favorite track: Tethered To The Polestar.
Guenter Schmidhofer
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Guenter Schmidhofer This was the beginning of a new era, a first step into a new direction.
I just fuckin' love this Album. Favorite track: Tethered To The Polestar.
Jack Kadien
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Jack Kadien Since Earth (the pioneers of ambient and drone metal) have reunited they have taken their genre into a different musical direction with each album. This is their western album. This is what Ennio Morricone would sound like if he made a drone doom album. The album is incredible. I highly recommend this. Favorite track: Raiford (The Felon Wind).
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brantly My favorite Earth LP, this one never gets old


released January 1, 2005



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